PiobMaster 2.3

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PiobMaster 2.3, pronounced "PEEBMASTER", Piob in Gaelic is "bagpipe", is a WYSIWYG application, where the composer initially defines the music structure with a simple user interface. i.e. Time signature, How many Parts etc..etc... The user then has the ability to "drag and drop", notes, doublings and embellishments from their palettes onto the stave. Notes can be "Grouped, "Dotted","Cut" or "Tied" by simply selecting them and pressing the appropriate button. The composer then has the option of hearing their composition being played back through their PC's own sound system. An integrated sound toolbar containing buttons for playing, stopping, pausing, forwarding, rewinding and setting the tempo, give full control to the user for sound playback. To view licensing costs and agreements for bands and individuals click here There is also no need for operational or tutorial manuals, as PiobMaster is so simple to use. However an integrated online Help facility is available to the user if and when required. Both Importing of BMW format tunes and output to wave file options are available form the File menu. For independent reviews click here If deciding to purchase the CDROM version, please note that the CDROM has to be in the drive when initiating the software.
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